Massage Therapy Schools in Rhode Island

Rhode Island is among the 50 states of United States and is located in the New England region. Though smallest, but is considered as the 2nd most densely populated of all the states. The economic indicators have reported that its economy is increasing because of a fast development seen in health, tourism, science and technology industries. There were around 13,325 jobs available in health and social assistance sectors. (

The field of massage therapy is one of the prospering fields of health care. As health awareness has increased among people regarding the field and its benefits, more and more people look for massage therapists. These practitioners perform various massage therapies using different methods to help people reduce physical pains and tensions. During the process, therapists use their hands and feet as they are aware of the right movements. If you are still confused about how to become a massage therapist then you must find out good massage therapy schools in Rhode Island to know about the programs you could pursue.

These massage therapists work in a variety of places because they develop amazing skills to perform duties anywhere. The current requirement for these practitioners is in offices of health practitioners, personal care services, nursing care facilities, traveler’s accommodation, and outpatient care centers, offices of physicians, amusement and recreational industries. You could only be a part of these places if you earn degrees from colleges that are well reputed. An associate degree or a certificate course is mostly recommended by employers in the state.

Massage centers employ friendly and skilled professionals who have an urge to provide quality services to people. In recent times, massage clinics are growing in number and are reasonable as well. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that around 180 people were employed as massage therapists in 2011. The employment is going to increase by 6% in the coming years. These therapists earn an annual income of $58,000 in Rhode Island in 2012. (

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