Massage Therapy Schools in Maine

The state of Maine is located near New England and has population of 1,328,188. Out of the total population, the majority hails from Portland which is also referred to as urban hub. The capital of Maine is Augusta whereas the state comprises of coastal area. The economy of Maine relies upon the outdoor recreation and tourism.    

The well-reputed massage therapy schools in Maine are especially for those students who intend to contribute in the expanding industries of the state. On getting enrolled in one of the programs offered by these schools in Maine students develop an understanding of how to run the business of massage therapy on their own or to join a popular massage center. The career of massage therapy helps to know how to heal patients having problems such as chronic pain, overused tissues, stress and tension. As a massage therapist, it is your duty to let know clients know about the relevant therapy ways. Therapists may usually get work in various settings such as, day spas, cruise ships, health clubs, sports rehabilitation centers and resorts. They need to be accompanied with their necessary items and professionals to perform certain massages. According to U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, more or less 480 individuals were employed as massage therapists at the rate of 0.83 per 1000 employees in 2011.

To become a massage therapist, candidates require post secondary education as a minimum requirement. An associate degree facilitates student immensely to be perfect at lymphatic drainage and craniofacial therapy.  There are also online massage therapy colleges that offer a bachelor’s degree in this discipline for candidates who are done with their associate program. On the job training or prior work experience is not mandatory for those who become therapists. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that in 2011, the yearly mean wage for a massage therapist in Maine was $40,280.

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