Massage Therapy Schools in Alaska

Many might assume and underestimate the value and contribution that the great state of Alaska makes to the whole nation. As being the largest state by land mass in the country the state has many valuable natural and mineral resources. The main income generator for the state happens to be the extraction and distribution of crude oil. The state also has large reserves of natural gas.

As being the northern most state with vastly rugged natural terrain and an extremely cold climate people look for therapeutic massage to sustain their well being. For such reasons the state is encouraging massage therapy schools. Normally one could earn an associate in massage therapy from a college or university. Such programs learn to help others relax by applying pressure to certain physical parts of the body.

To study in such schools requires one to understand how to treat and help patients with pain management issues. Technical schools or colleges that teach massage therapy normally require students to gain hands on practical experience during their education. It is the best opportunity for students to learn skills that might increase their value at work later in the years to come.

Students must learn the relationship between anatomy and physiology of humans in order to understand how to ease the pain and stress with certain therapies. Nutrition and massage treatments are some of the subjects of concern. The largest health care employer which requires massage therapists is the Providence Health System-Alaska that has 3,001 employees under one roof. These therapists could also work privately or they also have an option to join one of the popular massage centers or spas. The median average income earned by a massage therapist in Alaska was $89,800 in the year 2011. In the next 6 years the employment avenues for such professionals are expected to increase by 17% in the state. (

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