Top Ranked Occupational Therapy Schools in US

Occupational therapy career is always in high demand. However, to take full advantage and to improve your chances of getting highly rewarding job, you need to earn a degree from top ranked schools or colleges. Majority of graduates after earning a degree in occupational therapy pursue a career as a full-time occupational therapist. Following infographic lists 10 best schools and colleges in US along with information related to most popular degree levels and gender ratio.

Occupational therapists help patients with a board variety of health related issues. Some individuals need help with simple tasks like getting dressed or preparing food, while others require support in improving advanced skills like as decision-making and controlling anger. An occupational therapy career provides real-world exposure to different people, circumstances and problems that may tap into your creativity and compassion, making this a rewarding profession for those who love helping others regardless of their gender or ethnic background.

top ranked occupational therapy schools

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