Home Health Assistant Degrees

Helping the old and disabled people gives us a lot of satisfaction that cannot be described in mere words.  In this fast paced life of today, it is really a hard task to find a compassionate individual who is able to work for the benefit of old and the helpless people. This is where the role of home health aide comes to play. He has to be passionate about what he does for the benefit of the people. It is quite easier being a home health aide, even by achieving an online degree due to the rise of technologies’ acceptance.

The responsibility of home health and personal care is to help cognitively impaired, disabled or chronically ill people and help them on the road to recovery. Their duties also include working with  older adults. They are for the purpose of helping them in dressing, bath as well as doing a little bit of housekeeping for them. Home health aides can also give medication under the supervision of a healthcare practitioner if allowed by the regulations of some states.

Educational Requirements

In order to fulfill the requirements of being a home health aide, the candidate must possess a high school diploma or equivalent. In order to perform certain tasks, the candidates may be required to give an evaluation test before being the part of the environment. An online degree can also be achieved to becoming a certified practitioner.

Career and  Job Outlook

From 2010-2020, the anticipated amount of growth for home health aide is 70% which is a lot quicker as compared to other occupations.

The purpose of a home health aide is to look after prescriptions given to the clients by their doctors. The aides monitor the activities of the patients and make them do leisure activities such as exercises keeping them fit and active. Perhaps they might even carryout activities that might not very much please themselves. Many clients or their families directly hire the services of medical aides.  Home health aides are required to serve patients and do stuff like checking the rate of respiration, pulse as well as temperature.


Despite being compassionate souls, everyone needs a reason to survive including the home health aide. He should be paid rightfully so that he can do his services more effectively. Annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, home health aide workers, as of May 2010 earn $20,560.

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