Professional Sports Athlete Career Guide


Sporting events that are held around the world are part of athletics. These events comprise of sporting activities such as, jumping, running, throwing and walking. They might also include road running, race walking, track and field, and cross country running events. A professional sports athlete taking part in these competitions has to go through good training in order to excel. Those people who are interested in taking part in sporting events should direct all their attention to this career and be ready for coaching, personal training and sports management.

By taking part in various events, sports athletes entertain and serve spectators. Their fans love to see them compete at their best and be a winner of their national team. On the other hand, it is a source of personal satisfaction for individuals that helps acquire fame as well as money. Sports are of different types, some are played along with a team like basket ball, baseball or football; while other are played individually, competing with others. Some other sports include stock car driving, ice skating, and rodeo riding.

To be a successful and tough competitor, one has to constantly train and should alter their lifestyle that reflects healthy activities and rigorous training. They must stay in proper shape which can be made possible through the help of coaches and instructors. These practitioners might have to work-out throughout the year whether they are competing or not. Furthermore, there is a constant fear of injuries which might render their efforts and practice useless. During a game, they have to understand the strategies along with rules and regulations.

Career Outlook

Public appearance is also quite common in this profession which is done primarily to promote and endorse products by acting in advertisements on television, radios and internet. Sports athletes might have to travel to different regions where the events are being held thus it requires a lot of mobility. Work places include spectator sports and other amusement and recreation industries. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 these competitors held about 12,630 jobs.


Sports athletes have an average pay scale of $79,830 defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011.

Education Requirements

One must have great knowledge of the sport to have a successful and thriving career ahead. Although no formal education is required, some of the professionals usually acquire a diploma to comprehend game rules. If education is not taken; one must know the rules and regulations, game strategies and knowledge of the specific sport. By training, sports practitioners might enhance their skills in a certain area. It could be done through group lessons or with participation in high school club teams.

Some sports require individuals to be licensed such as; in drag racing the racers should be certified by a regulatory authority that oversees drag racing.

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