Professional Hypnotist Career Guide

Hypnosis is a condition of the mind when it is entirely being controlled by another person. It is a cerebral state which is linked with imagination, relaxation and suggestibility. This condition is possible by a procedure known as hypnotic induction. A process known as hypnotherapy is used by these specialists for therapeutic purposes. A professional hypnotist career might be a good choice for you if you wish to apply the principles of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

Career Snapshot

Professional hypnotists bring people in the state of hypnosis and treat their mental and physical problems. With the help of hypnosis, these professionals are able to understand the clients in a better way. It is not a process which involves one person to have control of your mind and body; in fact by this procedure people are in state of free will which is similar to being hyper attentive. Professionals practice this by inducing a way to enter the mind of a person. Then hypnotists search for ways to reduce any pain, stress, phobias or unwanted behaviors. This treatment is also used for medical purposes.

Some problems concerned with the heart, allergies and disorders are also treated with this process. It is then used in conditions of psychotherapy like stress, addiction, weight, sleep disorders, depression and sexual dysfunctions.  During the process, the subject is not asleep, but remains active till the end. It could be compared to daydreaming where you are fully aware of things around you but for a short time period you block out other stimuli and focus on a particular subject. Some other uses of hypnosis include improving academic performance and boosting careers.

Job Outlook

Hypnotists also work as clinical social workers mostly in private practices and might also use techniques found in ancient Greek for cures. Because of the flexibility factor, these people can also work part time. Other areas to work include psychotherapy and counseling offices, acupuncture clinics, physical therapy offices and healing centers. Some of the specialists become stage hypnotists and earn a handsome salary. There were around 133,890 people employed in healthcare social practice, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Salary Outlook

Professional hypnotist’s average salary is 94,000 per year, as stated in an authentic report of 2012 (

Education Requirements

To become a hypnotist, you need to have an associate’s degree in science. You must study biology, anatomy and physiology during your degree program to understand how a brain functions. On the other hand, students who have been studying psychology might also take a turn towards this area of study.

You could also opt for a special training program offered in this area. Furthermore, you can apply for a certification by spending 200-300 hours in training and completing 20-30 semester hours. Those who have received adequate training can also practice in psychotherapy, dentistry and behavioral medicine. Most of the states do not ask for certification but some who do, have varied requirements.

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