Pharmacist Aide Career Guide


The combination of medical and chemical science has helped save lives and promoted wellness. The field of pharmacy dates back to the days when herbs were used as medicine. Today, the same trend has continued but it has integrated with the use of modern technology. It helps in building a link between patients and doctors. Qualified experts make this bond stronger with their knowledge and experience in the fields of medicine and healthcare. These professionals are known as pharmacist aides who are responsible for providing assistance to seniors at work and looking after related procedures such as distribution, inventory and so on.

Job Duties

Pharmacist Aides perform inventory and clerical duties under the watchful eye of their seniors at medical facilities. They may also be responsible for the effective distribution and collection of pharmaceutical products. The duties they carryout comprise of handling sales, answering the telephone, restocking shelves with over-the-counter products, assisting customers with insurance claim forms, and keeping accurate inventory records. It is their duty to deal with the issues of customers.

Furthermore, Pharmacist Aides needs to be physically fit as a lot of running around, carrying and movement is involved. It is important that they be proactive and ready to provide solutions when needed.

Career Outlook

Pharmacist aides normally get employed in hospitals, medical facilities or pharmacies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 more or less 45,130 pharmacists were employed which demonstrated the rate of 3.3%. Employment opportunities for these pharmacist experts are in abundance if they possess 2 to 3 years of experience.


According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2011 the annual median salary of Pharmacist Aides was around $21,970. Mostly, education and experience matter the most in the advancement of careers as well as salary increments.

Educational Requirements

You may not need to possess the traditional educational requirements to work in this industry. Instead, it may be important to have training prior to getting into the field. Typically, a high school diploma may be sufficient to enter this industry.

Nevertheless, many employers prefer hiring candidates with experience of customer service or those with extensive retail backgrounds. Candidates may get employed in a reputed facility by gaining relevant experience and education. Candidates may also be provided on-the-job training which allows them to gain insight into the industry dynamics.

Educational programs may vary according to state regulations and policies of educational institutes. You may also opt for an online pharmacy assisting degree, in case you are not able to take campus based education because of a busy work schedule. This way you would be able to complete education while dealing with domestic and other responsibilities. It may also assist you in saving time and money to a certain extent.

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