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Awareness for a healthy lifestyle has increased and so the health industry has been expanding rapidly throughout the world. It is required by most industries for employees to be fit and healthy. Everyone wishes to be an integral part of the health industry and to contribute to it some way or the other. If you have the same intention to join the health industry then a personal trainer career may be a good option for you.

The industry has a dire need for personal and athletic trainers, which should be highly educated, well trained and enthusiastic to learn something new. Fresh minds and energetic souls are hired by gyms, fitness centers and many other organizations. You must not think of settling for an ordinary job if you have made up your mind for an amazing field of health and fitness. You could eventually get paid for what you love to do not for what others decide for you. Here are some details that my interest you.

Job Duties

Starting a new career from scratch may be a difficult process. Therefore, it is always helpful to start off on the basis of a feasible plan which later takes you towards success. As a professional personal trainer you could make a great name in the fitness industry as not every person has the potential to become a successful trainer. A lot of employers in the future may be ready to hire you. You could also start your own business. To have an overview of what a personal trainer actually does, you should go through this article.

Personal trainers are the real fitness professionals who know what exercises should be performed and how instructions must be given. If you manage to become a fitness trainer you will be motivating clients by defining goals for them and devising a plan of action. At every stage you have to measure the strength of an individual and exercises must be prescribed accordingly. The strengths and weaknesses of a person must be defined clearly so as to know what to work on. This fitness assessment is important at initial stages as well as every now and then to keep a track of changes.

You will also be educating clients in many other ways besides fitness and exercise. It will include significant guidelines on health and nutrition. Once you get a hold of the basic and advanced principles, becoming an expert would not be difficult for you. If you suspect any medical condition in a client which could be worsened by exercise, you must demonstrate some of the precautionary measures and refer them to a physician or healthcare analyst for a proper checkup. This could be done even after first the session of exercise.

A qualified professional of any industry is recognized by the expertise and efficiency. Similarly, a personal trainer is also a career where credibility, competence and professionalism are required for remaining in the mainstream. Once you get into this field, you must know about the major duties you will be performing on daily basis. Your first and foremost task is to motivate and instruct clients to adopt the habit of exercise. Only then will people be able to follow a certain plan or chart. At times you will be dealing with individuals while at other times you may have to conduct group exercises. You could specialize in one area, for instance nutrition, massage therapy, weight lifting, fitness activity, aerobics or yoga.

Typical duties will be helping participants improve their exercising skills, demonstrating the ways to get maximum benefit of exercise, making exercise a routine, and coming up with viable training programs on the basis of skill and experience. You also have to closely follow a client’s progress and make changes if necessary.

Job Outlook & Salary

As a personal trainer you must know that your performance and work may not be restricted to a specific location. Fitness facilities, clients’ homes, outdoor settings, health clubs, fitness centers, country clubs, recreation centers, universities, schools, colleges, hospitals, resorts, gyms, Pilate’s studios and social organizations are the main places where you could work.

If you get certified by the state authority then employers may definitely hire you. The certification is renewed every two years and being a part of an academic institute is essential.

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24 percent growth is expected in the employment level by the year 2020. A report compiled by the same source informs that 231,500 personal trainers were training people in the United States and were earning a $36,150 annual mean wage in 2011. The average top 10% salary was $65,180 per year and $17.33 was earned on an hourly basis.

Top Industries

In order to apply in any industry you should check the national ranking according to employment percentage. Among all the industries in the US, amusement and recreation industries had the highest employment level in 2011 with 153,930 personal trainers. Civic and social organizations were at number 2 with 35,260 trainers and schools and instructions had 9,920 employees (BLS).

Education Requirements

Taking professional classes to learn about the technicalities involved in exercise is extremely important. Exercise classes could be taken from a personal trainer or a group exercise instructor. A certificate course is of specific hours in which courses like exercise safety and first aid, basic behavioral psychology, exercise physiology, anatomy and kinesiology, weight management and basic nutrition are taught. A bachelor’s or masters degree in exercise science or athletic training is highly recommended by employers. These degrees may help you acquire a management position at any fitness club or health center in the future.

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