Periodontist Assistant Career Guide


A periodontist assistant is a specialist who assists during oral treatment, specifically tissues, gums and bones of the mouth.  They provide help during all procedures including administrative and surgical tasks as well as some clinical functions. A career in this area could be fruitful and might allow you to work in the dental industry with other specialists. Those who wish to enter in this field can even opt for similar careers like dental hygienists and dental assistant.

Job Duties

Work responsibilities of a Periodontist Assistant vary according to the workplace. From administrative work to surgical procedures, these specialists provide quality services to satisfy patients. Before a particular surgery, they prepare all the equipment needed for the procedure. This includes sterilizing equipment and tools that are needed during the process. Sterilization is done to prevent any infections that could be transferred with the contact of instruments to patients.  Once this is done, they greet patients and write down their details related to the treatment. Then they take these patients to dental rooms and make them sit on the dental chair. Once the examination or surgery begins, these practitioners hand over the tools needed by dentists. Right after the process, they advise people on hygienic conditions in oral practice and also give them instructions on maintaining it.

On the administrative side, Periodontist Assistants handle phone calls, fix appointments and greet patients. They also work in laboratories, where they take and develop x-rays and make plaster models of the mouth.

Job Outlook

The job prospects for Periodontist Assistants in general are very impressive as a lot of people are having oral or dental issues these days. They work in a variety of settings like dentists’ offices, office of physicians, care centers, schools and colleges. The employment of dental assistants estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2011 was 296,810. Around 273,320 were employed in offices of dentists turning out to be the highest among all employers.

Education Requirements

Individuals in this field must be dedicated and should perform their duties on time. Because there is no explicit academic requirement, candidates of this field must demonstrate hard work and efficiency. Those who wish to acquire education can find dental assistant programs approved by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). These programs normally last for a year. Other option is getting an associates’ degree which completes in two years.

Once education and training are completed, you can expect to make progress. You will learn how to use dental technology at work. Those who wish to enhance employment opportunities might also get themselves certified. The Dental Assisting National Board allows one to become a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) to start work practice. Hence, certification can only be done after completing a two years or four years degree.

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