Pediatrician Career Guide


A career in the field of pediatrics would make you focus on younger patients. It is one of the specialized fields where the physician is concerned with infants, children and teenagers. Practitioners here put all their attention by giving care to them. This helps to examine, treat and prevent infections which may result in illnesses and injuries affecting overall health. People who have compassion and love for children may find this job best for them as it one of the growing careers in the healthcare industry.

Job Duties

A pediatrician is a specialist who deals with all the mental, emotional, and physical issues of patients that are primarily of young ones such as infants and children. Their main motto is to promote good health and cater to all the needs of children. For this they have to make sure they control all the diseases which are common in children. Infectious diseases can seriously affect the health and contribute to low concentration in studies and staggered growth. Children who have chronic diseases are also treated by pediatricians. Some of the issues diagnosed by pediatricians are infections, injuries, genetic defects, malignancies and diseases. This diagnosis is not carried out just once, instead; practitioners make sure to keep monitoring their patients’ development over the years. Children are then at ease because their discomforts and problems are removed through proper treatments and care.

Pediatricians also manage medical history by organizing, reviewing and finally discussing their results with parents or guardians. Furthermore, to promote a healthy lifestyle among people, they advise and counsel parents about variables such as nutrition, diet and hygiene.

Career Outlook

Pediatricians normally work with physicians and other healthcare specialists. They work in hospital, clinics, counseling centers and care centers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipated in May 2011 that these professionals had around 29,640 jobs. There were almost 21,410 people employed in offices of physicians, which is the highest ratio as compared to other occupations.

Salary Outlook

Pediatricians are one of the top paid professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated in a survey in 2011 that $168,650 annually is earned by them.

Education Requirements

A four year degree is normally required to start this career. These degrees are offered by a majority of the healthcare schools. First two years of your study might focus on laboratory and classroom learning whereas the next two years may be spent gaining clinical experience. This is done under a supervisor or other registered physicians.

Once you have completed your degree, on-the-job training is mandatory to improve your skills. Being licensed is also a requirement in many states – so much so that a license is a prerequisite to a job application. Many employers also prefer certification from a board and one such board to get certified from is the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).

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