Pediatric Occupational Therapy Technician Career Guide

Overview and Job Duties

Almost all fields of medicine require relevant educational background and work experience. A pediatric occupational therapy technician is one such specialist who assists senior professionals in rehabilitative activities for children who suffer from physical, developmental and emotional impairments. Therefore, they not only provide assistance but also learn a lot from their team which includes seniors and juniors as well,

Compared to the past, this niche in the medical industry has gradually expanded with more and more students taking interest in it. With the growing awareness and introduction of new fields, people have been applying for a lot of degrees which might help them have more growth and employment opportunities. Therefore, if you feel you can add value to the industry of pediatric occupational therapy, then you must seek qualifications right away.

Pediatric occupational therapy technicians have a lot of tasks to complete when they are at work. Their assistance is required during the rehabilitative activities and they also prepare equipment for treatment of children suffering from various physical and emotional disorders. They also perform clerical duties for the department in which they work. They assist patients during certain exercises and activities that are prescribed by the occupational therapist. Along with that, they constantly monitor and record patient’s progress.

Pediatric occupational therapy technicians lessen the burden on their seniors and help them treat children in a better manner. Some of other job responsibilities include preparing bills for the patients’ insurance and handling the administrative tasks. They are the real supporters who communicate with patients and give their best to help children recover from injuries to live a normal and healthy life.

Career Outlook

In order to attain a good position at work one must have a master’s degree. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics there are strong job prospects for pediatric occupational therapy technicians in the healthcare industry ( The percentage of employment might grow to 25% by the year 2016. More and more experts in this field are hired because of the growing issues of children in this era.


The median salary for a pediatric occupational therapy technician is $49,960 annually (

Educational Requirements

There are certain educational requirements to enter every field of study. Similarly, there have been some rules set by medical colleges and universities for students to earn a quality education before they start to serve in the healthcare industry.

Individuals in this field need to have an associate’s degree and are required to pass the Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant (COTA) examination to start their professional life. Generally, a graduate degree is preferred for this career, while a 2 year degree or certificate program earned from a community college could benefit you. The course-work in the first year of college might include subjects such as, physiology, anatomy, medical terminology, health care and psychology.

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