Guide to Pediatric Endocrinologist Career

Overview and Job Duties

Children have special needs as compared to adults for growth and development. They have different psychological needs which should be met in order to keep their mental growth and health in check. Therefore, hormonal problems that effect growth as well as sexual development could have profound effects on the physical and emotional health of a child. For such purposes people consult a pediatric endocrinologist, to deal with several sensitive issues.

If a child encounters diabetes, growth, puberty or other serious disorders that are related to glands and hormones the child needs help from these specialists. Hormones directly affect the body parts and allow a child to mature. Specialists of this field must have concrete knowledge on serious issues that might have a negative influence on a child. If you want to be a specialist of this hormonal field then do not hesitate and register yourself in a well-reputed medical college.

Pediatric Endocrinologist deals with children having growth and metabolic disorders. They provide their services to treat type-one diabetes, intersex disorders, growth and development disorders, and other kinds of disorders that are related to pituitary and thyroid glands. Their common duties include evaluating patients, treating them, and last but not the least making referrals. They diagnose and treat children accordingly.

Pediatric Endocrinologists have supporting personnel with them such as psychologists, nurses, nutritionists and pediatric diabetes educators. Parents look for help for their children from these specialists. They provide utter care by working with primary care pediatricians.

Career Outlook

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the employment opportunities in this career in the future look bright. It could be concluded by analyzing relevant economic data that surgeons and physicians also include the ratio of these specialists which is expected to grow 14% till the year 2016.

Pediatric Endocrinologists work in different organizations such as university medical centers, private offices, hospitals and large community hospitals. Almost in every health care center, there is a great demand for these specialists as there are not many professionals that have the expertise in this area of study as do pediatric endocrinologists.


An average salary of Pediatric Endocrinologists according to National Salary Trend 2012 could be around $97,000 per year.

Educational Requirements

To become a Pediatric Endocrinologist you need to take a long road as it requires professionals to hold a master’s degree. Therefore, you might start off with 4 years of bachelor’s degree program, which should be in a medical related field. You also need to finish 3 years of pediatric residency and later 3 years must be given for training in a design fellowship program.

A bachelor’s degree will allow you to study pre-medical, chemistry, biology. Typical undergraduate coursework may include organic chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, ethics, genetics, and biochemistry.

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