Orthopedic Surgeon Assistant Career Guide

An orthopedic surgeon assistant is generally responsible for the provision of assistance and support to surgeons before, during, and after the operations that a patient should go through. These assistants are specifically helpful in the treatment of disorders that are related to the ligaments, muscles, bones, and tendons. They provide an assurance of the safety, readiness, and rehabilitation of  patients. Some of their most significant responsibilities would include the diagnostics, coordination of surgeries, and patient care. If you would want to build a career in this field, you should know the things that are required from your job, as well as the necessary qualifications.

Career Snapshot

Orthopedic surgeon assistants will need to organize the procedures that will be provided to patients, which will be on the basis of their medical history. They need to complete a series of laboratory tests, x-rays, and basic diagnosis. They should also have the knowledge and skills related to the application of local anesthesia and the removal and putting of staple, stitches, casts, and splints, among other appendages. They need to have strong interpersonal communication skills to be effective in coordinating with the surgeons and the patients.

More so, orthopedic surgeon assistants also need to have a comprehensive understanding of the condition of the patient, the surgical procedure that will take place, and the tools that will be used. Especially when a surgery is expected to last for a long period of time, these assistants are expected to sty by the side of the surgeon and the patient and deliver all the help that they can provide.

Job Outlook

The job of an orthopedic surgeon assistant will vary, depending on experience and education. If you have extensive formal education in this field, there are bright career opportunities that are waiting for you. In rural areas, wherein there are healthcare facilities that are regulated by the state or federal government, you can be employed in public clinics. You can also consider employment in bigger medical and healthcare institutions. With more and more people requiring surgery, there is also an apparent increase in the demand for orthopedic surgeon assistants.

Salary Trends

In 2012, it has been noted that the average annual income of orthopedic surgeon assistants is $68,000.  (indeed.com)

Educational Requirements

One of the most basic requirements to become a professional in this field is a physician assistant degree which can be taken from an institute that has been given permit by the Accreditation Review Commission for Education of Physician Assisting and the American Academy of Physical Assistants. Some of the subjects that you might take during your formal education can include medical ethics, physiology, pathology, and biomedicine, among others. To be part of the profession, aside from formal education, there is also a need to pass the examination that is being administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants.

The next thing that you have to do, after being given a certificate, is to complete surgical residency. You will need at least 100 hours for the completion of such. More so, every 6 years, you need to pass an examination that will provide an assurance that you have an updated knowledge in your field of employment.

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