Electrocardiograph Technician Career Guide

Heart is a vital organ of human body and its purpose is to pump blood throughout the body. It is one of the most delicate organs and requires immediate attention for any sort of dysfunction. An electrocardiograph technician monitors the progress of heart on regular basis with the use of technology. You could become an electrocardiograph technician with a relevant Degree required to work as a professional in health-care industry.

Job Duties

An electrocardiograph technician defines procedures to heart patients and attaches electrodes in order to prepare them for required EKG tests. These electrodes are therefore, attached to an EKG machine for the purpose of measuring heart’s electrical impulses. In order to carry out this procedure, Holter monitors and electrocardiograph machines are utilized.  The computer screens shows, the activity of the patient and thus a printout of it is taken out to analyze and conclude the results. For an accurate diagnosis regarding the cardiac dysfunction, these reports are sent to doctors for prescribing medication and treatment.

Career Outlook

It is important for the candidates, who pursue electrocardiograph technician as a career, to understand the areas of work and the underlying major responsibilities. They are trained by experienced professionals. Once they are able to use the equipment and understand the policies to be followed, they may also work independently. The more experience they gain, the better are their chances to become an administrator, supervisor or trainer. They may also become involved in hospitals or local colleges to share their expertise with new students. Being a part of health-care environment, as an electrocardiograph technician could easily help you to serve people and make a huge contribution in this health industry. Electrocardiograph technicians serve for long hours and are also rewarded with bonuses along with a good salary package.

Salary Trends

According to National Survey Report of 2011, the annual median salary for electrograph technician might be up to $32,434.  The salary package changes with time, experience, expertise and location.

Educational Requirements

To be an electrocardiograph technician, it is important for candidates to enroll themselves in universities, health-care colleges or community schools and receive 2-4 year of education. Electrocardiograph training courses may be offered in healthcare schools, community colleges and universities. The medical professionals help develop exceptional skills and train students to work as experts of this field. It may help them strengthen their place and learn more with the passage of time. Before you decide to earn an electrocardiographic technician course, make sure you select an accredited institute to benefit from it later.

You may also opt for an online course, in case you are not able to enroll in traditional learning. This may help you immensely and save your precious time and money. You are also required to hold a license, in order to start practice as an electrocardiograph technician.

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