How to Become a Chiropractic Assistant


The field of Chiropractic falls under the alternative medicine umbrella – but keep in mind that it also serves as a complementary role to conventional medicine. It involves the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of conditions related to the neuromusculoskeletal network of the human body. This field is over a century old and has rapidly gained acceptance and popularity in many areas

Chiropractors use joints, muscles, tendons and the spine to understand and heal the troubled area. Spinal manipulation is the most commonly used technique in this field. Furthermore there are many schools and backgrounds of ‘adjustive’ techniques used in the chiropractic industry. As you start your career you will be able to study and explore each chiropractic philosophy and choose what works best for you.

Similar and complementary to the chiropractic industry are the physiotherapy, rehabilitation, physical therapy, sports therapy massage therapy and osteopathy industries. There may be a lot of overlapping philosophies and methodologies used in these industries which you will notice as you mature as a chiropractor.

A chiropractor assistant is someone who assists the head chiropractor in their daily office administrative or clinical duties. A Chiropractic assistant (CA) works under the direct supervision of a senior chiropractor and ensures that the facility is running smoothly.

Job Duties

Listed below are a few general job duties and tasks that the average chiropractic assistant may come across. Some duties are administrative while others more clinical. Depending on the size of the practice and the number of patients, an assistant chiropractic’s duties may be as follow;

  • Since an assistant may be considered the second in command, they must be ready to perform any and all duties that may be required for the smooth functioning of the office
  • You should greet and welcome patients into the office or clinic. You should also immediately facilitate them however possible
  • Swiftly answer phones and various queries pertaining to the office or clinic
  • You must ensure the fool proof documentation and archiving of patient records, treatments and everything related to running the office
  • Provide assistance to the senior chiropractor with therapies, procedures and patient handling
  • Ensure the general hygiene, maintenance and smooth operation of the office and relevant materials and equipment
  • Provide basic and simple chiropractic treatments and healing techniques on patients under supervision
  • You will also be responsible for learning and understanding how the business and industry work. It is after all a learning experience and in order to fill in for the senior chiropractor you will have to readily absorb knowledge

Career Outlook

People get into all sorts of injuries, accidents and mobility problems. Sometimes it’s a pulled muscle, a sprained back or sudden jerk that causes immense and lingering pain. Other times it’s a sport or related injury or an accident. As a matter of fact, sportsmen and athletes find great use of the services and expertise of a chiropractor. In all cases, the diagnostic and healing methodologies of a chiropractor can come extremely useful.

Keeping this in mind, the demand for chiropractors is likely to increase as clinics, hospitals and health centers enlist the assistance and services of chiropractors. Private chiropractor clinics are also taking root in the industry.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment growth for chiropractors is around 28% over the course of 2010 to 2020 which is actually faster than the industry average. This percentage roughly translates to about 14,900 new jobs.

Salary Prospects

The average annual salary for a chiropractic assistant is roughly $40,000 ( This figure may vary depending on where you work and how busy the medical industry is. As you gain market experience and work with a number of patients, this figure is likely to increase.

To accelerate your earnings in the chiropractic industry, you will need to open up your own practice. This step can only be taken after becoming fully qualified and gaining considerable market experience as you work with a number of patients and cases.

Educational Requirements

Essentially, a high school diploma or equivalent may suffice as the basic entry level education for becoming a chiropractic assistant. A few courses or a 1 year program that focus on medicine or rehabilitation can also help with your learn.

Furthermore, there are specific programs and short courses that may directly train you in the ways of the chiropractic assistant. For more information on chiropractic education and certification you can contact schools listed below to find an entire program and system for chiropractic assistants.

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