Certified Herbalists Career Guide


To cure different diseases has been common from centuries. One such way of curing and healing illnesses and diseases is done with the study of plants, known as herbalism or herbal medicine. People in this field are known for their work related to plants and herbs and are eventually known as certified herbalists. Those who are interested to provide cure through natural therapies might acquire this career which could be the best for them. You need to have proper information about the career opportunities and salary package before you set off to study this discipline.

Job Duties

Herbalists are the specialists with herbs. They use them to extract and come up with different alternative medicines to cure various diseases. It is because plants hold a vast amount of healing properties and making use of them is worthwhile. Herbal techniques and ways are usually popular in West, Asia and North America. Herbalists work is to make sure plants are grown properly to use them for the purpose of making medicines. Herbalists usually work like physicians and doctors, operating just the same way in doctors’ offices. Certified people in this field prepare medicines from plants after sowing and harvesting. They cultivate the plants and once they have raw herbs, they process them into various products of herbs including powders, pills and capsules.

Job Outlook

A reputable position in this field requires a lot of experience and expertise. Patients who require herbal treatment look for experts to treat chronic and acute diseases. There are plenty of opportunities for people in this field because new medicines are constantly produced with effective cure. Employment opportunities can be found in various areas including personal clinics, physician’s office, hospitals, and holistic medicine clinics. Furthermore, herbalists can work as manufacturers, managers or consultants in the herbal industry. They can even apply for the post of a teacher or researcher. Another career option for them is to do wild crafting of herbs, which is one of the specialized areas of health industry.


There is a great potential in this work and salary structure can be checked from two different but authentic sources. The payscale.com has reported herbalists who are certified might earn around $20,800 to $50,000, annually in 2011. According to American Herbalists Guild, herbalist’s average salary range might be up to $20,000 to $120,000 annually.

Education Requirements

The first thing students should consider is that there is no official certified license available for certified herbalists but there is an option available where some schools might  provide a license. The most important requirement to become an herbalist is to gain proper knowledge of the field. Find local schools, work on actual herbs, prepare for exams and continue with the process of learning. AHG recommends courses of therapeutic herbalism, pharmacognosy and botany that last for about 6 to 8 months.

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