Cardiac Rehabilitation Technician Career Guide

Cardiac problems affect the overall performance of an individual. Cardiac ailments and failures can result in serious defects and even deaths. Cardiac rehabilitation technicians trained individuals are kept in for providing rehabilitation services to patients. A proper in depth and through understanding and education of this field could be a way to break through the medical field.

Career Information

A cardiac rehabilitation technician is personnel whose work is to look after patients that have under gone heart attacks and heart problems. They focus on factors to reduce the risk of another heart attack or cardiac event.  These occur because of advanced blood pressure, being overweight or high cholesterol levels. A person in this field would provide services to these chronic heart disease patients and even to ones who have had a heart surgery. They comfort the patients in providing out most care by looking at their dietary and nutritional practices. For this they set educational programs which focus on diets done through constant exercise. They work in various settings of general medical and surgical hospitals, medical and diagnostic laboratories and offices of physicians.

Job Outlook

The cardiac technician has to have to knowledge of the cardiovascular system. This is necessary to successfully make and develop programs of exercise and nutrition to counter the needs of patients. This would eventually increase their heart health. The employment structure in cardiac related jobs is immense. Only the cardiovascular technologists and technicians who are specialists in heart treatment were employed over 50,410 in May 2011, estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The salary of cardiac technician not just depends on occupational profile but some other factors of place, employer and personal factors of experience, training and education level. Generally the earnings of cardiovascular technologists and technicians were $52,160 annually in May 2011. According to the, the cardiac rehabilitation technician earned around $61,009, as per the recent survey.

Education Requirements

To be able to become a professional cardiac rehabilitation individual, one has to go through a phase which if followed properly, could be very rewarding. Normally bachelors degree in physical therapy, exercises therapy or exercise science is required. Major courses that are taught are anatomy of human, electrocardiography, personal care and emergency care. However, education requirements , employment and certification are different for states so it is recommended to go through them before setting out in the professional world.

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