Cardiac Monitor Technician Career Guide

A specialist in monitoring cardiac patients focuses and specializes in checking heart beats of patients. The heart creates patterns and rhythms so that abnormality in it could be detected. These professionals are looked upon by senior or registered nurses. For a pursing a rewarding career, one should go for requirements that are set in order to become a heart monitoring technician.

Career Information

These trained personnel are kept in to look after the patient’s heart beats and their patterns so that any irrelevant changes could be seen and treated. In hospitals these individuals work in the intensive care of cardiac care units. They have to carefully observe the monitor screen of heart; if any changes are detected then they inform doctors or physicians. It is reported that at most 32 patients are monitored at a time by these technicians. They have to use instruments to do measurements of cardiac’s rhythm by a caliper on graphic tape readouts. They work in different setting namely general medical and surgical hospitals, offices of physicians, medical and diagnostic laboratories and outpatient care centers.

Job Outlook

The purpose of cardiac monitor technician is to work closely with the doctors and patients to provide effective service. They mostly work for five-day, forty-hour week in clean and neat work areas. Specialties of cardiopulmonary technicians or cardiovascular or cardiology technologists could be gained through proper training and education. According to the estimates of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment of cardiovascular technologists and technicians in May 2011 was 50,410.


The average salary earned by monitoring technicians was $29,783 annually in 2011, as held by On the other hand cardiovascular technologists earned around $52,160 annually in May 2011, according to the stats of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest pay given was by offices of other health practitioners, recorded as $67,790 annually. Next in the row was management of companies and enterprises giving $57,330 annually.

Educational Requirements

To become a professional cardiac monitor technician, certain steps should be followed. This post could be obtained and is available for those who have an interest in health industry. It requires less time and money to be spent on education. Generally a diploma from a high school is required by employers. Additional benefit and preference is for those who have trained themselves on-the-job and acquired a certificate program. Being certified is not an option considered to break through this field, but preference is given by employers.

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