How to Become an Alternative Medicine Consultant


Alternative medicine profession has developed over the years because of the general interest that has grown on alternative forms of treatment for various health complications.  Certified alternative medicine consultants use a number of natural techniques to help their clients get back to better health. Their treatment is holistic and they treat the whole person rather than focusing on the symptoms of the disease. They also help their patients learn how to take better care of themselves.

Educational Requirements

The educational requirements to become a certified alternative medicine consultant will depend on the organization that is providing the certification although the common requirement that an applicant have a bachelor’s degree in natural medicine or other related field is mandatory and will certainly create a lot more opportunities to further their careers.

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An applicant who wants to have a better chance at getting rewarding employment opportunities may need to focus on such study courses as mathematics, biology, physics, organic chemistry and social sciences in order to be able to easily advance their career by taking additional advanced courses.

It is also advisable that a person gets some form of experience before seeking certification although the level of experience required will depend on the regulations that are set by the particular certification agency.

Licensure and Certification

Although licensure may not be required for alternative medicine consultants, you may need to be licensed if you want to advance your career.

The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals (CNHP) is one of the bodies that are tasked with providing certifications to alternative medicine consultants. In order to get certified by the CNHP you will have to take all the five seminars that are offered by the organization. The organization prefers candidates that have a high school diploma or its equivalent although if you have a degree then, you will be at a better advantage.

Another body that may grant certification to alternative medicine consultants is the American Council of Holistic Medicine (ACHM). In order to be certified by the ACHM you must have a bachelor’s degree and an additional 120 hours of experience. You will also be required to take a test that must be completed and submitted to ACHM in 30 days after your applicant.

Job Duties

Every certified natural medicine consultant will have an area of expertise to focus on and although many of them may be employed, there are some that will have a private practice.  Some of the areas of specialty that a professional may choose to focus on include acupuncture, nutrition, herbal supplements, homeopathy, exercise and other therapies.

A lot of alternative medicine consultants may also dedicate their careers to educating the public on the benefits that alternative medicine brings and just how they can do that effectively.  In order to advance their careers alternative medicine consultants thrive to meet the threshold of certification. Some may be self employed and others may work for clinics.

Many of the consultants may even provide advice to their clients on the eating habits that they must adopt in order to be able to live a healthy lifestyle. They may even work longer hours including weekends and evenings especially if they are self employed in order to effectively provide better services to their clients.


According to the US Department of Labor, the average salary of a certified alternative medicine consultant will vary depending on the level of expertise and the specialty that they have chosen for themselves. As at 2011 the average salary for a certified alternative medicine consultant was $41,600 per year with the average consultant working for an average of about 37.7 hrs.

The wages earned will vary based on the level of education and skill and the state that they practice in. Most consultants that have private practices earn a significantly higher sum than their salaried counterparts.

Additional Skills that an Alternative Medicine Consultant Must Possess

An alternative medicine consultant is required to possess a number of additional skills and qualifications that will aid them in effectively discharging their duties.  Some of the skills that may be beneficial to those seeking to become alternative medicine consultants include;

  • A person must demonstrate a genuine interest in helping others to gain control of their health and lead healthier lifestyle and also avoid the diseases that may come with unhealthy living.
  • They must also be organized and genuine and must pay extra attention to skills that will enable them be able to pin point the problems that their clients may be experiencing and come up with ways to fix them.
  • It is important that they also be responsible and caring enough to allow enough trust between them and their clients.

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