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Man has always been considered as a social animal. This is because, God have given him preference over other creatures because of the ability to think and act accordingly. Man has an ability to combine for a common perspective. Being an animal and pet health technician, it is important that the person must be familiar with the rights of the animals.

Job Duties

The career of animal and pet health technicians is a vast one as it may allow people to work as veterinarians, veterinary technologists and the vet assistants. The staff of animal care comprises of skilled animal trainers, kennel attendants and the groomers. They more or less utilize the same type of skills of work. Animal and Pet Health Technicians deal with and organize treatment of the problems related to pet health. The tasks comprise of performing pre- and post-operative, lab and clinical work under the superintendence of a certified veterinarian as well as doing other related works. Animal and Pet Health Technicians additionally assist veterinarians as required in all aspects of their work. It is the responsibility of animal and pet health technicians to keep a check on the animals admitted in intensive care or observation. They are also required to provide comfortable environment to the ill animals or those not eating the food.

Job Outlook

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the anticipated growth for animal and pet health technician might be anticipated to grow to 41% by 2016. Animal and pet health technicians are also sometimes referred to as animal nurses, since they are emotionally attached with animals and caring for them, just like nurses do for humans. The responsibilities however are in no way limited and may go beyond the duties of many human healthcare jobs including nursing.


The biggest benefit being the technician related to animal and pet health is the salary benefits, besides working for the rights of animals. The earnings of the technician mainly depend upon the experience. Those who work in the government departments earn the most. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics, indicates that since May 2011, the annual median salary for animal and pet health technicians is more or less $30,140. Most of the times, it depends upon state regulations, experience and the employer.

Educational Requirements

To become animal and pet health technicians, the candidate might be required to possess an associate degree in veterinary technology. This degree could be achieved by the accredited program of American Veterinary Medical Association. Distance learning programs may also be included in some programs regarding animal and pet health technicians. It is mandatory for animal and pet health technicians to pass state licensing examinations.

For becoming an animal and pet health technician, you may also opt for an online degree. This way you may not have to deal with the conventional campus based healthcare schools while worrying about the hectic schedules of your workplace or the daily assigned tasks or other things for that matter.

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