Dental Technology Degrees

The field of dentistry is not a new one and perhaps dates back to 7000 B.C, according to evidences found from ancient Indus valley civilization. For this purpose, bow drills were perhaps used for the curing of teeth. Modern dentistry is a much more diverse field with the application of scientific knowledge along with traditional concepts. Today, one might easily be a part of dental settings, by achieving an online degree.

The responsibility of a dental lab technician is to get mold of teeth of the patient from the dentist and accordingly making dentures, crown, bridgeworks and dental plates. When you might pursue the career of a dental technician, you will be required to be in close contact with the specialists and dental practitioners. It is a rare scenario to see dental technicians interacting with the clients. Perhaps for them working independently is more important.

Educational Requirements

Generally dental technicians are provided with on the job training, nevertheless it might be the will of the employer, he might also ask for a formal training. The American Dental Association has accredited more or less 25 dental laboratory programs since 2004. A high school diploma might be the pre-requisite for becoming a dental laboratory technician. You might also opt for an online degree, so that you might continue with your activities and at the same time pursue with educational activities.

Career Outlook

It is the responsibility of a dental technician to make sure flexibility in teeth is maintained. Recently, there are enormous opportunities for the job description of a dental lab technician. Since the technology is ever booming, thus there is an ever rising demand for cosmetic dentistry. More or less, there are two to two hundred technicians who might be hired in a commercial dental laboratory on an average basis. The employment opportunities for dental technicians might not be restricted to dental laboratories, perhaps they are also found in hospitals, dental schools as well as the companies. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistic in 2011 employment increased by 2.3%.

Salary Forecast

Dental laboratory technicians might be paid according to their knowledge as well as skills. They do not have a fixed salary but they might probably get as much as earned by other professionals of healthcare. For this purpose, they might need to have similar expertise as well as qualification. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, as of May 2011, dental laboratory technicians were earning a yearly income of $38,550.

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