Top Ten States to Work as a Nurse

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Nurses are specialists who constantly indulge in dedicated services to serve people, through advice and emotional support. They review patients’ medical history and give medicines accordingly. They consult doctors and observe medical equipment to help perform various diagnostic tests and results. It might be beneficial to go through the top ten states to work as a nurse.

top ten states to work as a nurse


According to the researchers, if the trend of employment of registered nurses continues then by 2030 there would be enough nurses to cope with the needs of aging baby boomers. A professor at the Institute for Health Policy Studies at UC San Francisco states that there has been a dramatic rise in registered nurses because of job security. The pay of registered nurses is almost $82,000 annually which is highest among all the states ( More than 250,230 people are employed in this discipline according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Massachusetts is an amazing state to start a career as a nurse. They are not only benefited by an excellent pay but the health care industry also enjoys a persistent growth. Those who get employed here enjoy beautiful beaches and scenic mountains for skiing along with a good job market. They work in hospitals, clinics and health care agencies of Massachusetts. Some areas for nurses to work are McLean Hospital, Partners Healthcare and Berkshire Health Systems. They could earn around $91,000 per year estimated in 2012 with an employment figure of 87,040. (


One of the states with beautiful beaches and sightseer’s paradise is Hawaii offering a perfect career in nursing. The annual salary of a nurse is very high due to the cost of living in this state after California and Massachusetts. There is a fair demand of nurses because of a shortage, which provides them good employment opportunities to work in doctor’s offices and hospitals. Honolulu is one of the cities where number of jobs for nurses is quite high and the best places to work are the Queens Health Systems and Hawaii Pacific Health. Around 10,210 posts are available for nurses according to the BLS 2012 whereas they could earn around $59,000.


In Alaska, there are big modern cities with cold temperature, striking coastland and less population. The pay scale of nurses is comparatively high in Alaska due to inflation. According to 2012 report, nurses might earn $67,000 per annum. ( There is also a great demand for travel nurses who 20 to 30 percent higher pay scale. They are mostly employed in clinics and health care centers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 5,460 people were employed as nurses in May 2011.

New Jersey

Being the heart of American culture, New Jersey is a state between New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania. It has great cities with large businesses, technology, engineering and urban population. When we talk about the work, this state has the highest per capita income. There are great opportunities for nurses who have accredited degree in nursing. They might be paid around $84,000 annually, according to 2012 reports. (


Maryland is one of the best places to start a flourishing career in nursing. Due to great shortage of nurses, the demand is very high. The projected employment of nurses according to Bureau of Labor Statistics was 49,620 people. Major opportunities of employment are in big cities like Columbia and Baltimore. Nursing practitioners may earn up to $81,000 per year working in outpatient clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. (


Nursing career in Connecticut could be a turning point for trained nurses. Nurses graduated from qualified places might not have issues in finding work in Connecticut. In June 2012, annual salary reported was $85,000. On the other hand, there were over 36,320 people employed in different health related places. (


Nevada has the biggest tourism industry and one of its most popular cities is Las Vegas. A rise of 13.7% was seen in April 2010 in the employment rate, and 16,470 people served this industry in May 2010. For registered nurses a diploma, associate or bachelor’s level degree is required. Nurses in 2012 might earn around $76,000 per year. (


Being a small state, Delaware has big opportunities for those who wish to serve people. In this state, nurses not only enjoy a good salary but the scenic coastline, forests and parks serves as great places for outdoor fun. Nurses are employed in clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices. The salary figures in 2012 are around $75,000 annually.


Oregon has a strong tourism industry which is expanding day by day. Nurses could utilize their degrees in this state for experience and learning at the same time. Salary figures might reach around $74,000 annually; according to a 2012 survey. Nurses might find best employment opportunities in cities like Portland, which has the largest population compared to other cities of the state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 30,960 people serve as nurses in Oregon.

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