Top States to Work as a Dental Assistant

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Dental assistants are professionals who assist dentists by performing various tasks such as, taking care of patients and keeping records. They prepare for dental treatment procedures and instruct patients about complete hygiene. Furthermore, they sterilize instruments and process x-rays. Workplaces for dental assistants include offices of dentists, offices of physicians, and colleges and universities.  If we talk about employment opportunities and pay, they vary state by state on the basis of demand and growth. Thus an eye on the top states to work as a dental assistant could be worthwhile.

Top States To Work As a Dental Assistant


California is the top state to serve as a dental assistant. In California, dental assistants work closely with dental surgeons. It is an extremely competitive field due to availability of highly qualified professionals in this state. Therefore, you need to have a strong education background to work as a dental assistant in California. The number of people employed was 43,640 in the year 2011 and the expected wage of dental assistants in this state was almost $36,420 per year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The state of Texas is considered to be the top second state to work as a dental assistant.  With an increased demand of oral hygiene experts, dental assistants could profit in Texas more than any other state. As people continue to migrate to Texas from outside the need for preventive health care services will continue to grow. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assistants were given around 22,700 jobs as per figures of May 2011.

New York

Next on the list is the evergreen state of New York. Due to high population density and an ever growing demand for dental practitioners, there were around 17,760 people employed in this field. The state already has a lot of professionals working as medical assistant due to high education ratio and best universities; therefore, a master’s degree or experience is mandatory to apply in hospitals and health care centers. Almost $35,490 annually was paid to practitioners of this profession, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics in May 2011.


Health care research, biomedical science, and tourism are the main supplier industries to the economy of Florida. The continuous influx of tourists and constant research on the hygienic methods of oral treatment are two main factors that has paved way for dental assistant to serve native as well as foreigners with special care along with hygienic methods. Estimated number of people employed here as dental assistant were 15,490, with the salary of $33,220 per year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Illinois being the largest base of economy of United States offer numerous job opportunities in dentistry.  If you want to reside in this state for the purpose of carrying out dental assistant services then you have selected the right place. In health care sector, employment level reached up to 12,530, with $32,360 salary per year.

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