Massage Therapy Certification Requirements in Texas

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If you have a keen interest in massage therapy and want to improve your position in this field,you must first lay a strong foundation in terms of education and licensing. While your particular opportunities and employment prospects depend largely on the state in which you reside and plan to practice, your individual qualifications are a major component determining to what extent this career can promise you a better tomorrow. If you’re considering pursuing a career in this field, you must take into consideration the extensive educational and training requirements you must fulfill before you can begin working. With these essential points in mind,you can make the best choice for you and make an informed decision in regards to the available massage therapy schools and courses.

massage therapy certification in Texas

Massage Therapy Career in Texas

A career in Texas could be more fulfilling and more attainable than you have ever thought. The state has thousands of professionals in almost every industry,many of whom have been successful in gaining the trust of their peers and fellow Texans and in return ensuring them unsurpassed services. The ever-growing Texas population appreciates the persistent efforts of these hardworking individuals, and you could join this qualified team of professionals to make a difference in the wellbeing of many. These busy professionals will always need proper care, so massage therapists will likely have no trouble finding work in this area.

Texas has a large economy that includes such diverse sectors as manufacturing, mining, and agriculture. People who have been serving for a long period of time in these industries sometimes look for relief,often with the desire to rid themselves of physical stress to improve work efficiency and overall quality of life. A massage therapist, therefore, is a popular choice to provide stress and anxiety relief services. Therapists are trained to rub and manipulate the affected muscles of the body in order to get a desired outcome, most often the limiting or cessation of pain. By using your hands and fingers, you will be able to touch the pressure points that will eventually help a person to relax and find relief from whatever muscle aches and pains are plaguing them.

Certification Requirements

Along with on-the-job experience, you will need to complete post-secondary education that might take around 500 hours of combined coursework and work training. Public and private schools offer programs in various massage therapies.Coursework typically includes kinesiology, anatomy, physiology, and business subjects. (Click here to find massage therapy schools in Texas)

To work as a massage therapist,you’ll need to be certified. This is especially important if you intend to start your own massage therapy center or similar business. The National Certification Board has compiled a state examination a professional may take to become a qualified Therapist of Massage and Bodywork. In Texas, the MBLEx certification through the FSMTB is also accepted for licensing purposes. This particular exam requires an appointment. Every two years you will be required to complete 12 additional hours of education to maintain your certification. The licensure will be provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Be aware that license and certification requirements differ from state to state. If you intend to practice outside Texas in another state, check with your state health board and affiliated agencies to determine your state’s specific requirements for massage therapist certification.

Employment Opportunities

Once a student has graduated and attained a license to practice, he or she might become a certified massage therapist in a private or public government office, hospital, studio, sports club, nursing care center, massage therapy center, health resort, spa, or similar location. You might also consider owning and operating your own center with dedicated staff to address different patients’ unique therapy needs.

According to a 2011 report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with 4,490 therapists, Texas was ranked third in a list of states employing the most massage therapists in the US. As a result, Texas is an excellent choice for you to begin your new career as a certified massage therapist.

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