Job Options With Respiratory Care Degree

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Skilled healthcare practitioners are currently in demand in US and in other parts of the world because of the increasing number of people who are suffering from health-related problems. This has led into having professionals who have the ability to promote a healthier society.

job options with respiratory care degree

Individuals who care for patients with breathing problems actively perform their work. It is said that mostly elderly population and even middle aged people suffer from issues of chronic bronchitis, lung damage, pneumonia and disorders of respiratory which are progressing more with a rise in pollution. Due to these greater issues, many people seek services from practitioners who work in respiratory treatment and therapy services.

Who are these practitioners?

Respiratory therapists are professionals who provide respiratory care to patients. Their primary responsibility is to take care of patients who are suffering from breathing related problems like asthma. They do so through interviewing, consulting, monitoring, supervising, and treating patients. They also provide aerosol medications, chest physiotherapies, and the measurement of lung capacity through diagnostic tests in which patients are asked to breathe in an instrument that gauges the amount of oxygen that is inhaled. They use ventilators for the patients who cannot breathe properly on their own. Also, they fix equipment that checks the amount of oxygen that is taken in and out.

What is the job outlook and where they work?

Some of the employment settings that can be considered include ambulatory care services, home care centers, out-patient care providers, and surgical hospitals, among others. In 2011, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, respiratory therapists have an average annual income of $56,260.

What are the educational requirements?

In order to build a career in this field, one of the basic requirements would be having a respiratory care degree. This is a degree worth thinking because it is quite popular in the country. Prior to gaining an employment within this field, there is a need to have a degree in associate, bachelor, or master level. Some of the courses that will be taken in the earlier mentioned degrees include respiratory care diagnosis, pharmacology, healthcare management, physiology, medical ethics, pediatrics, and pharmacology.

What are the possible jobs?

ICU Career Choice

The ICU is one of the workplace settings that can be taken into account if you gain a degree that is associated to respiratory care. The ICU is located in almost every hospital, which means that there are many opportunities that can open up for you. This will require you to render services to patients who are critically ill. You can be a respiratory therapist or assist nurses and doctors. You can also look over ventilators and check the other breathing problems of patients who are confined in the ICU.

Teaching Career Choice

Educational institutions can also be considered if you have gained formal education in the field of respiratory care. You can work in schools, colleges, and universities, which will require you to perform research and teaching jobs.

Hospitals Career Choice

In hospitals and other healthcare institutes, there are also many opportunities for people who have a degree in respiratory care. This will also open opportunities for supervisory level or managerial work in a related field. However, aside from formal education, you will also need superior skills and experience.

Administrative Career Choice

If you have a degree in respiratory care and you have superior administrative skills, there are various management and administrative level positions that may open up for you.

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