Best States to Study Medicine

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Since time immemorial, the use of medicines has been considered by the many as being beneficial because of its ability to help improve the health and wellbeing of humans. Today, various improvements have been made in such field. Traditional concepts were combined with new technologies. Because of the importance of medicine, many people have pursued a degree in such field. In being a certified medical doctor, it is important to keep in mind that the requirements may vary in each state. If you do not want to apply in a campus degree in accredited healthcare schools, you can have the option to be enrolled in an online degree, which is more convenient for people who have a busy schedule.

Best States to Study Medicine


Massachusetts is considered as an educational heaven for students around the world. It is ranked among the top states that prioritize healthcare facilities. Among the top-notch universities, Harvard University holds the top position. There might be an increase in the demand of doctors due to unstable health conditions of the state population. The candidates may also opt for joint degrees such as M.D. /Ph.D. together from Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The purpose is to increase number of physicians to serve the under served parts of the state.


California is another state that has proven to be highly competitive when it comes to healthcare facilities and education. One of the best medical schools that can be considered in this state is the University of California – San Francisco. This medical college has been known because of its reputation on educating students to become some of the best doctors or physicians. Those who are looking for medical education can take up a bachelor’s degree. For a specialization, the master’s degree should be pursued. California is considered as the state with the largest pharmaceutical industry, which means that those who have studied medicine can consider building a career in such sector.


The Providence Hospital is one of the famous medical schools that operate in Alaska. Over the years, an increased rate in enrollment has been registered at such university because of the higher number of people who are committed in helping people who are in need of medical attention. This institution offers problem-based learning, which is a good way to harness the critical thinking skills of the students and applying them in practical situations. Both bachelor’s degree and master’s degree are offered in the said institution.


In the past years, Oklahoma has given a total of 164 medical degrees in a ratio of 17.4%. Because of the popularity of the field of medicine in this state, it has been asserted that there is greater number of students who are studying medicine compared to other degrees. Oklahoma provides students with the training that they need in medical education, including the facilities that they should be familiar of.

New York

New York is also known as a state popular for its world-class universities, as well as talented students in the field of medicine. The Columbia University Medical Center, for instance, is one of the top choices for people who would want to study medicine. The university provides its expertise in order to help their students be provided with academic background in the field that they would want to build a career in the near future.

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