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If you get to know that 320 athletic trainers were employed in Washington in the year 2011 and they were paid an average salary of $43,980, then it would be quite motivating for pursuing the career of athletic training (BLS). High schools, colleges and universities, sports medicine clinics, professional athletic teams and specialty hospitals are the areas where you might find work. In case you do not have any idea what the job responsibilities of an athletic trainer are then go through the Internet or personally meet an athletic trainer for information.

Athletic and personal trainers focus on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of illnesses and injuries of athletes. They are known as medical professionals who have command over musculoskeletal and orthopedic areas of study. They coordinate with physicians and doctors in order to perform their work and provide best care and treatment to professional and amateur players. They might specialize in clinical evaluation and diagnosis, rehab and reconditioning, injury prevention and other areas. The brief information might help you understand what you might be doing after joining the field.

Next is to find out the best athletic training schools in Washington to be a graduate for serving professional players. Washington State University and Eastern Washington University has Bachelor of Science degree program of 3 years. Both programs emphasize on the study of human body and development of psychomotor skills. The educational courses increase clinical proficiency and competency. Furthermore, Master of Science in Exercise Science and Sports and Recreation Administration are also prepared by the Eastern Washington University. A doctorate degree could also be earned if you have exceptional investigative and analytical skills to be used in research. The Board of Certification exam must be passed by you, no matter in which state you reside and shortly after that Health Systems Quality Assurance regional agency will provide you with a license after checking your eligibility.

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