Athletic Training Schools in Mississippi

Ice Hockey, Soccer, Baseball and Hockey teams play different matches and represent the state of Mississippi at national level. Sustaining health of each and every team member is as important as uniting them to win a match. Targeted or desired results are only achieved if teams perform their best which is possible only by being physically fit and healthy.

Athletic trainers are the professionals responsible for taking care of the health of sportsmen or athletes. They are given years of training for the accurate evaluation of any mental stress or diagnosis of a physical injury. Emergency care during a match is also one of the tasks they perform. In 2011, 150 athlete trainers were hired in Mississippi  and their annual mean wage was $40,740 per year (BLS).

Opportunities might be more in future for those who are qualified enough to compete. Therefore, schools for athletic training  in Mississippi should be checked for information regarding admission procedure and degrees.

The University of Southern Mississippi is a well reputed university where pursuing an undergraduate program in athletic training might make one eligible to apply for a graduate degree. A Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training provides knowledge of fundamental principles of physical fitness and human physiology and anatomy. Moreover, for progress in the same area Master of Science in Human Performance and later a PhD in Human Performance should also be earned. Higher education is the key to success when it comes to becoming a professional trainer. On the other hand, experience could be attained from internship or working with various amateur teams for at least 2 years. Sports firms, specialty hospitals, schools, colleges and private clinics are the places where athlete trainers are found.

Ultimately, collection of eligibility requirements set by the Mississippi State Department of Health for a license to work is also important. You might need to pass the Board of Certification exam before applying for the license and then career opportunities at various private or government firms could be availed.

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