Athletic Training Schools in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a state that encourages youngsters to take part in physical fitness, athleticism and sports. The sport and athletics programs at most schools are quite impressive and at the same time challenging. This has given rise to interstate tournaments, championships and games which Massachusetts takes quite seriously with a sense of ownership and patriotism. Given this enthusiasm and interest in sports and athleticism, the athletic training industry which includes schools, training centers and other stakeholders took shape and form in Massachusetts.

Athletic trainers can play many roles and serve various functions. They usually work with physicians to help diagnose, treat and prevent physical injuries or issues. The end goal of the efforts of every athletic and personal trainer is to condition and help an athlete that enjoys improved athletic performance and steers clear from sports related injuries. In case of injuries or issues, an athletic trainer should also be able to suggest a corrective course of action and treatment. Therefore rehabilitation and physiotherapy play an important role in the responsibilities of an athletic trainer.

If you feel you can add value to this industry and if you think you have what it takes to create a positive impact on the lives of various sportsmen and professionals, then the smartest method to do so is by way of attaining the right qualifications. Various athletic training schools in Massachusetts offer training and experience in athletic training. It depends on your current level of qualification, but you may find bachelors, masters or doctorate level programs. Each program will have a unique set of courses and methodologies to help students excel and acquire the experience and exposure they need to excel.

Some universities that you may across are Endicott College, Bridgewater State College, Boston University, Lasell College, Merrimack College, Springfield College, Salem State College, and Northeastern University.

The average annual salary for athletic trainers in Massachusetts is $66,000 ( Employment growth in this field is expected to be 30% (

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