Athletic Training Schools in Louisiana

The starting point of every great career has been through schooling. Education expands ones horizon, increases ones intellect and opens doors and provides opportunities like never before. Therefore, you must seek educational qualifications to further your career.

If you are interested in making a career as an athletic trainer or personal trainer, then you must seek relevant academic qualifications. Depending on your current level, you may find athletic training schools in Louisiana that should be able to fulfill your academic needs. Some of these schools include Louisiana College, Nicholls State University, Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Southeastern Louisiana University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of New Orleans, and Xavier University of Louisiana. Do communicate with these schools to get a brief understanding of what the system has to offer.

For further research on the market dynamics and elements, you should visit the Louisiana Athletic Trainers’ Association, Inc. website at You will find details related to the industry’s certification, licensing, entrance requirements and so on. It is a good resource to have at your disposal.

You may come across a number of exciting courses that will add value to your learning experience. These may include Kinesiology, Weight Lifting, Healthcare Technology, Rehabilitation, Physiology, First-aid Administration, Endurance Training, Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Communication Skills, Business Building, Customer Relationship Management and so on. These courses may help develop your foundation in athletic training. Later on you can specialize in a specific area.

Job opportunities may be found in fitness centers, gyms, hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, coaching centers, athletic stadiums, college teams, and so on. You may work alongside physicians at hospitals to provide rehabilitation and physiotherapy care to patients. The teaching and education industry should also be explored. You may find work in schools or colleges to teach the subject or assist professors in the field.

The average annual salary for athletic trainers in Louisiana is $46,000 ( and employment growth in the industry is estimated at 30% this decade (

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