Athletic Training Schools in Connecticut

The industry for athletic training looks good and this can be supported by a few statistics. Let us first talk about the salary. The average annual salary for an athletic trainer in Connecticut is $64,000 ( This is a respectable figure which can be improved as you gain market experience and broaden your clientele.

Furthermore, the statistical database available at The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the growth in employment of athletic trainers over the course of this decade is roughly 30% which means that over 5,000 new jobs in this department could be created.

Going over these statistics may lead you to believe that this is the right time to enter the industry to make a career out of it. The best way to start your career in this field or any field for that matter is by gaining academic qualification. Depending on the level you of certification you wish for you may find a number of athletic training schools in Connecticut. Whether it is a Masters degree, Bachelors degree or a Doctorate, you may find the ideal program for you.

Depending on the level of degree you opt for, you may come across a number of courses. These may include Kinesiology, Body-building, Anatomy, Physiology, Communication Skills, Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, Strength Training, Resistance Training, Alternative Medicine, Plyometrics among a few. With the help of these courses you will learn how to effectively improve a client’s athletic output and performance while at the same time keeping them free from injuries or helping them deal with existing injuries.

When it comes to employment opportunities, there may be plenty. Most work can be found in healthcare clinics, hospitals, gyms, health centers and the like. Whether public or private, there is need for athletic trainers as the market is gradually realizing the importance of exercise and healthy living. With experience and networking, you can even become the athletic trainer for the nation’s sports team which is an excellent accomplishment.

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