Athletic Training Schools in California

Athletes are prone to physical injuries due to some of their aggressive sporting activities, and so in order to guide and treat athletes, we have athletic trainers. In addition to treating injuries, athletic trainers also prevent and diagnose illnesses and injuries that are related to bones and muscles. Athletes of all ages and skill levels rely on these trainers for remaining fit and living a healthy life. Athletic trainers work towards improving the physical output and functional efficiency of athletes, sportsmen and alike.

In order to become an athletic trainer, one must have an interest in health and be sport-minded. Making a career out of something one enjoys doing makes the work more fun and challenging. However, athletic trainers need to be qualified and academically certified if they wish to pursue a career out of athletic training. This is important because a field as comprehensive and precise as this is governed by scientific principles and standards.

There are some athletic training schools and colleges in California that can help individuals to pursue a career in athletic training. Programs offered may be graduate, undergraduate, masters or doctorate level. It depends on the level of certification you seek. The program may offer many courses such as Philosophy of Sport, Kinesiology, Exercise Psychology, Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries, Health, Disease, and Pharmacology, Exercise Physiology, etc.  Athletic trainers are allied health care professionals and so are trained accordingly.

Athletic trainers can find many job opportunities in different areas. They have the option of find jobs in the health care industry and competitive sports industry. They can also find a career in educational services, such as in schools, colleges and universities, or they might find decent jobs in professional sports clubs. Most commonly jobs are found in gyms, and coaching centers that prepare athletes for various events.

The average annual salary for athletic trainers in California is $61,000 ( As you expand your clientele and experience this figure may greatly rise.

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