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The global market is gradually understanding and acknowledging the importance of living healthy lives. Priority is given to leading active lives, eating healthy and exercising. Exercising has given birth to sports, athletics, fitness and many other physical activities. What each form of exercise has in common is the use of the body as a single unit to perform sporty, agile, energetic and physical activity. There is a definite involvement of athleticism in every sport or physical activity. The better your body is in coordination, muscular output, agility, endurance, resistance and strength, the better you will be at athletics. This is where athletic training comes in.

Athletic training is the science of training athletes and sportsmen to perform at optimal levels on the playing feel. The purpose is to leave no weaknesses or bottlenecks hence allowing the athlete to perform at their maximum level. Athletic training does not end here. It also deals with injury prevention. This means that injury prevention, strengthening, long term planning and strengthening of weaknesses are also key focus areas for personal trainers. But what happens if one gets injured such as a muscle pull or a fractured bone during sporting activity? These too can be catered to by an athletic trainer as physiotherapy, rehabilitation and administration of basic healthcare, are also essential skills.

The best way to enter this field to make a career in athletics healthcare is by education and academic qualifications. In Arkansas many athletic training schools offer degrees in this field ranging from  associate’s level to master’s level. Each program will offer a set of courses that will enable you to effectively understand what this field has to offer and what you will have to offer to the market – more specifically, potential clients.

The average annual salary for athletic trainers and personal trainers in Arkansas is $38,000 ( The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts a growth of 30% in the employment of athletic trainers this decade.

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