Athletic Training Degree Programs

One of the professions of allied health recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) is Athletic training. This specialty consists of individuals whose job is to work along with numerous health care professionals to advance through practice and help patients and clients with exceptional services. This training focuses on prevention, analysis and diagnosis of medical conditions such as acute, emergency and chronic issues. These might be functional limitations, impairments and disabilities.

There are six spheres within this proficient field namely prevention; immediate care; clinical evaluation and diagnosis; organization and administration; treatment, rehabilitation and counseling; and professional responsibilities. Athletic trainers are professionals in identifying, preventing and caring for injuries and illnesses of muscles and bones. They provide services to young children, professional athletes and soldiers to analyze their problems and then treat them.


Athletic trainers are skilled individuals who most notably work with physicians. Other than this, these individuals attain health service guidance from physical therapists, dentists, nurses, podiatrists, strength and conditioning specialists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists, emergency medical technicians, referees, psychologists and nutritionists to perform their duties flawlessly. They discuss and talk about injuries and their prevention with all the aides of health industry. Their work is to help cure patients with restrains or injuries. For this, they first have to track down, recognize and then appraise injuries. Then they look for ways to cure and heal patients.

To prevent from future mishaps, athletic and personal trainers apply protective and preventive devices like bandages, tapes or braces. Furthermore, for injured athletes, they set and carry out treatment programs. In case of emergencies, they also provide individuals with first aid and care. If we look at their administrative duties, then these trainers write medical reports regarding treatment programs and injuries, and they also keep records of purchasing, budgeting and certain policies. As they are the first ones to treat injured individuals; these experts are an essential part of health industry.

Degree Programs

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelors level degree is the minimum requirement to work as an athletic trainer. These degrees are accredited and focus on courses like exercise physiology, pre-medical sciences, physical education and education science. This program is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE).

Master’s Degree

It has been stated by the that 70% of athletic trainers working have masters or advance degrees. This degree is of two years known as Master of Science degree (M.S.). The concentrations could be in athletics clinical, counseling, education, promotion or health care administration and they focus on skills needed for this profession. Clinical experience is also included in the program.

Career Opportunities

Head Athletic Trainer for a Sports Team

Athletic trainers provide services by making polices for training and also by following some other significant policies made by  coaches, medical managers and athletics directors. They perform managerial and administrative tasks on the basis of contract with students and athletes.

Athletic Trainers in the Military

In military industry these experts could get employed on contract. They fulfill the physical needs of military practitioners. The Navy has also begun some training programs which is another opportunity to work under the Navy SEALS.

Athletic Trainers in a Health Care Setting

At rehabilitation centers, clinics and hospitals, these trainers work to diagnose and prevent injuries. They also suggest treatments which could be carried out through rehabilitation programs and exercises. Other opportunities are working as physicians extenders in physician’s office. Some of the settings in which these trainers get employed are secondary schools, corporate, two-year institution, industrial/occupational, performing arts, and amateur/recreation/youth sports. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional of this field held 18,240 jobs in 2011.

Salary Outlook

The mean annual wage of athletic trainers is $44,640 as predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10% figures of this wage are $65,970 per year.

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