Pet Grooming Schools in Wyoming

Pet groomers basically maintain the appearances of cats and dogs. Their work is quite interesting as they have to get familiar with different breeds of animals that are cats and dogs. A lot of animal groomers provide mobile services by going to peoples’ homes for cleaning and styling pets while others own their own pet salons. Either way, pet groomers have been serving a large numbers of people who have pets in their houses.

It is necessary to maintain the hygiene of pets because children are the ones that spend most of their times with pets. Therefore, unhygienic condition of cats and dogs might cause illness to not only them but to people who surround them. By cleaning, washing, bathing and drying pets, animal groomers take the charge of giving a new look to them to make them more adorable and clean enough to cuddle.

Animal grooming expertise could only be attained through professional pet grooming training. A high school diploma is not mandatory for the training; therefore, anyone who has great love for pets might pursue this career.

No licensure is required after getting trained but certification is proffered which is acquired by the National Dog Grooming Association of America. There are certain standards set by the certification authority that must be met. Practical skills along with two exams are some of the requirements that an animal groomer has to fulfill. Training programs and workshops are also held by this NDGAA to teach advance skills to groomers.

In Wyoming, Jen’s Dog Grooming Salon and Doggie Doo’s Pet Grooming are the famous pet grooming salon where talented and efficient animal groomers are required. 340 animal caretakers were employed in Wyoming in 2011 and they earned mean wage of $20,930 per year (BLS).

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