Pet Grooming Schools in West Virginia

West Virginia is the 62nd largest economy in the world which defines the bundle of opportunities you might find in this state. If you always thought of choosing a career which involved animals then animal grooming is the field for you. You might find great pleasure in dealing with different breeds of dogs and cats everyday which might be exciting and fun at the same time.

Playing with pets to make them comfortable, bathing them and clipping their hair are some of the job duties you have to perform as an animal groomer. You have to discuss all the details about pets with the clients because at times customers want their pets to look different from others. Therefore, you have to take care of every single requirement which your clients ask for. And in return you could get paid according to your work and services. Therefore, try to make them unique and you will eventually have a name in the market.

But first you have to get trained as it is not possible to groom a cat or dog without actually learning the techniques. Animal grooming schools in West Virginia could help you in this regard so find one that has accreditation. West Virginia Academy of Dog Grooming is one of the schools where you could learn pets psychology, how to style them and also you might have the chance to deal with clients directly. Internship is another phase which may ensure you of success in the years to come so apply in a kennel or a pet grooming shop if you want to learn new techniques.

920 animal groomers were hired in West Virginia in 2011 with mean income of $19,350 per year (BLS). If you want to increase your salary potential then you need to pass the two examination set by the National Dog Grooming Association of America. Furthermore, with the help of experience and certification setting up a pet grooming salon in your area might not be impossible for you.

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