Animal Grooming Schools in Washington

Washington is known as ‘the Evergreen State’ and is the most populous state of western United States. It is among the ideal locations to work as significant businesses have been flourishing in Washington with time. It does not matter if you start off from a meager level, eventually you might be popular for your services.

Animal grooming is such one business which has been gaining a lot of importance because people would never stop buying pets and thus the need of such professionals might remain in the future. This is an ideal profession for you if you do not want to spend 3 to 4 years in a college just to have your own business. Animal grooming does not require you to have high school diploma and a graduate degree in this area is also not required.

You only have to check the animal grooming schools in Washington that offer training in pet grooming. It is further classified in cat and dog grooming which could be selected according to your interest. You must know that animals require undivided attention and care by owners and animals groomers. Therefore, you have to be good at handling pets only then you could be able to clean their teeth, ears and eyes and clip them. You have to come up with innovative ideas to groom cats and dogs of various breeds. Such training is usually given during apprenticeship.

A pet grooming and styling course might also be completed from Lickety Clips Academy. This Academy has a 14 weeks course with hands-on training and the courses change every week to cover all important areas. From 9th week onwards you have to complete the practicum and then you could apply for a certification to work legally after finishing school.

In order to have an idea of employment level you should know that there were 3,650 animal care professionals in Washington in 2011 and they were getting annual average pay of $24,650 (BLS). Shampoochie’s Pet Grooming Salon and Grooming Angel Pet Salon are some of the well-known salons in Washington where your services might be required, so do not waste any time and apply right now.

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