Pet Grooming Schools in Utah

Precious Pet Paradise, Dirty Johnson’s, BarkShear Manor Pet Salon and Diggity Dog Resort are some of the places popular for employment as an animal groomer. These professional pet salons claim to provide great services to the residents of Utah.

If you intend to work in one of these pet salons then getting professional training is going to be your first step. There are various animal grooming schools in Utah that are accredited by the national accreditation body, so you should select one of them.  Stylin’ Pets Grooming Academy and Utah Pet Grooming Academy are two schools that have been offering training in pet grooming.

Stylin’ Pet Grooming Academy has apprenticeship program which includes training along with theory. You are free to apply at any time during the whole year. You could get the details from official website of the school. Hands-on training is part of the program and focus is given on making cats and dogs presentable. Animals require special care as they cannot care about themselves therefore; it is the duty of an animal groomer to save them from the attack of any harmful disease by keeping the clean. Their hair is cut during the grooming session and they are given bath and are dried up for a new and fresh look.

Moreover, practicum could give you the chance to apply all the skills you have learned during training. Keep in mind that in order to gain a certification you need to have experience and training in animal grooming. National Dog Grooming Association of America will provide you certification only if you have practical grooming skills, and attend training workshop and 2 exams prepared by the organization. After attaining certification your services might be required at dog and cat salons and pet retail shops. Wherever you feel comfortable to work might be your next destination to succeed as an animal groomer.

In 2011, 1,200 individuals were employed in this field in Utah and they were given mean income of $23,190 per year (BLS). The salary and position might change with experience so try to learn as much as you can at work.

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