Pet Grooming Schools in Texas

Animal grooming is one of the contemporary fields of today which has been gaining a lot of popularity. People used to groom their pets at home with their own understanding and that was enough for them. But with a change in peoples’ lifestyle, pet grooming has been shifted from home to pet salons where people love to take their pets for getting cleaned up. If this career seems exciting to you then you must know what are the training and educational phases of it. In some states only apprenticeship is enough for grooming pets while a lot of employers hire people having theoretical knowledge of the area.

Being a resident of Texas might give you the opportunity to explore many of the benefits which you might not get living in other state. Texas has set up a strong base in energy computers, biomedical sciences, and agriculture and electronics industries. People of the state have become so busy with their work and home that they do not have time to look after their pets. Working in major industries requires hard work and no one has the stamina to take care of home responsibilities as well. This has increased the demand of animal groomers who clean, dry, style and groom cats and dogs of all breeds.

There are a lot of animal grooming schools in Texas but you must find one that suits your budget. Texas All breed Grooming School, Dog’s Day Out, HipDog School of Grooming Arts and Petite Pooch Chateau Grooming Academy are some of the schools where you might apply. And if you want to acquire online training then there are also accredited schools that provide online training in pet grooming. Later, gain 2 years of experience by doing internship in any of the pet shop or salon nearby and apply for a certification from the National Dog Grooming Association of America.

Almost 12,690 animal care service providers were serving at different places in Texas with a median wage of $21,100 per year in 2011 (BLS). A pet grooming career could make you earn good so apply for it today.

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