Pet Grooming Schools in South Carolina

South Carolina is a beautiful state of United States situated in the Southeastern region. The state has gone through a transition after which finance, engineering and biotechnology industries have been backing up the economy greatly.

Thinking of having a career in animal grooming in the state of North Carolina might be amazing as the state has a lot of employment opportunities and on the other hand North Carolina’s scenic beauty might make you fall for the place.

If you want to study in North Carolina, then first you must know how many animal grooming schools in South Carolina suit your expenses and locality. It might be best to go for public schools because they mostly are accredited by the regional accreditation bodies. Among many animal grooming schools Nanhall Professional School of Dog Grooming provides professional training by making you work in clean spacious areas, with separate tubs and drying rooms along with hands-on experience. You must be 17 years old to gain admission in this school and a high school diploma is not mandatory. Pet Stylist Course of 12 weeks, Bather and Brusher Course of 2 to 4 weeks and Improving your Skills Course of 4 weeks is offered along with 1 year membership of International Professional Groomers, Inc and Professional Cat Groomers Association of America.

After training and concrete study you might easily be able to check the dogs or cats’ skin, ears, teeth and eyes and use grooming charts to make animals more lovable and clean. National Dog Grooming Association of America could then provide you with a certificate to work at any pet retail store, offer mobile grooming services or assist a pet groomer.

You must know that in the state of South Carolina, 4,390 animal care service experts worked in 2011 and earned median annual wage of $21,040 (BLS). If you want to serve animals as a pet groomer or pet technician then begin this exciting journey right away.

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