Pet Grooming Schools in Rhode Island

Have you ever wondered what animal grooming is, how you can pursue this field and why people are attracted to this career? Then this article might give you answers to all your questions. You might have seen a lot of cats and dogs roaming around in the neighborhood or at relatives’ houses that are clean enough to cuddle and are well groomed. Such creativity and neatness is the result of animal groomers’ efforts. You could have a career as animal/pet/dog/cat groomer if you take out time to study this field.

Rhode Island might not be the best place to study because animal grooming schools in Rhode Island are not much in number. Therefore, you could apply in one of the online programs offered by Penn Foster Career School. There are various certificates and diplomas offered online. Animal Care: cats and dogs, Career Diploma: dog obedience trainer/instructor and Certificate- pet grooming are the options of which you might pick one. You will be given online training with a set of instructions to bath, dry, clean and groom cats and dogs according to their breed. These programs do not require years to complete in fact during online learning you could finish a diploma or certificate before time or within few weeks or months.

To start your own work after completion of a dog or cat grooming program you do not need a license but a certification from the National Dog Grooming Association of America may give you an edge. Some employers like to hire people who are certified by the higher authorities; therefore you must keep that point in mind.

In Rhode Island you might find plenty of places to work because pet groomers have become the need of people nowadays. Pet grooming shops, clinics and pet hospitals are some of the places to work. The employment ratio in Rhode Island for animal services providers was 420 and they earned average pay of $21,050 per year in 2011 (BLS).

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