Pet Grooming Schools in Oregon

As a field of study and service industry, animal grooming is steadily expanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has estimated the growth in employment of animal groomers to be 23% over this current decade. Another statistical fact to support this is the sheer number of animal grooming services and businesses in the state of Oregon. There are close to 400 listed animal grooming services in the form of saloons or clinics in Oregon ( Finally, the average annual salary for pet technicians and animal groomers in Oregon is $32,000 (

The statistics shared above paint a favorable and positive picture of the animal grooming industry in Oregon. It may suggest that the industry is in the steady growth stage. What may explain this large number of pet grooming businesses could be the increasing number of pet owners and enthusiasts in Oregon that demand and require these services.

To enter the pet grooming industry, it is preferred if you possess some academic knowledge or experience. This is because the industry has a set of standards and requirements that must be fulfilled. Animal grooming is a delicate and systematic service that is governed by a set of principles and guidelines. These can be learned in relevant schools so it is advised you explore various animal & pet grooming schools and colleges in Oregon.

The courses that you may come across during your learning journey will greatly aid and help in equipping you with the necessary knowledge and know-how in this field. These courses may include animal hygiene, grooming basics, animal breed identification, oral hygiene, bathing, trimming, styling, presentation and show preparation, animal anatomy, medical support, communicating with animals and so on.

Job opportunities can be found in existing grooming services, kennels, zoos, animal shelters and so on. There is also the option of starting your own business and erecting an animal grooming saloon all by yourself. However this will require undying passion and dedication to the cause and you must never give up.

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