Animal Grooming Schools in Missouri

If you look around the neighborhood you will notice that pets, whether cats or dogs are considered part of the family. Many families keep pets for various reasons such as companionship, security and enthusiasm. This has given rise to a number of animal grooming saloons in the state of Missouri. There are over 300 listed animal grooming saloons and businesses across Missouri which can be verified by visiting (

Many pet owners consider pets to be part of the family and hence tend to their basic needs and that includes grooming high on the priority list. Grooming is a combination of many elements such as hair styling, shampooing, bathing, hair dyeing, removing pests and insects, providing oral and dental hygiene, treating skin infections and diseases, nail trimming and so on. The list includes all external hygiene and presentation related elements.

If this line of work appeals to you and if you are passionate about animals, then the fastest track to entering the industry is by gaining some sort of experience and learning in the field. Explore various animal grooming schools in Missouri as a starting point should you wish to study or certify. Academic learning and concepts will teach you the various principles and fundamentals of animal grooming. The courses you may come across are animal hygiene, bathing basics, animal types, communicating with animals, medical aid and treatment, hair styles, treatment for pests and so on. With the help of these animal grooming courses, you may theoretically learn everything there it so to learn about animal grooming basics.

Once qualified, job opportunities may surface at various animal grooming businesses. You may also work in kennels, zoos, animal shelters and the like. If you can generate the funds, you can also establish your own animal grooming business. This requires dedication, passion and lots of hard work. The average annual salary for animal groomers and pet technicians in Missouri is $29,000 ( Accumulated experience may gradually provide a boost to this figure.

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