Animal Grooming Schools in Mississippi

In this day and age it is not uncommon for a dog or a cat to have a scheduled appointment for a new hair style or a nail trim. These days this phenomenon is quite common and animal owners usually dedicate resources for various animal grooming activities. Mississippi is one such state where there are plenty of animal grooming saloons and services springing up. There are over 150 listed animal grooming businesses in Mississippi (

It is preferred by clients and businesses that animal groomers possess some sort of training or academic experience in the field. So it is best if you approach and enter the industry with a similar mind set. If you live in or near Mississippi then check out the various animal grooming schools in your area. You will come across a number of new and interesting courses pertaining to the field of pet grooming. These courses may include animal grooming, hair styling, pest and insect control, skin disease and infection, dental and oral hygiene, communication with animals, breed identification and so on.

Do keep in mind that there is more to the term pets, than cats and dogs. It is true that cats and dogs are perhaps the most common pets, but other animals such as horses, rabbits, mice, snakes, birds and the like can be domesticated. Therefore your job description may mean that you have to work with a variety of animals. This is indeed an exciting experience as it will broaden your skill set tremendously and will therefore improve your marketability.

Job opportunities can be found in a number of areas such as animal grooming saloons, training institutes, kennels, zoos and the like. There is need for professional animal groomers wherever there are animals. The option of starting your own animal grooming business should not be discounted. Earning in this department may be the greatest. The average annual salary for animal groomers and pet technicians in Mississippi is $25,000 (

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