Pet Grooming Schools in Maine

A lot people feel uncomfortable having dirty pets in their home and this is the main reason they run to animal or pet groomers every now or then. If you are one of these people then you must know how to take good care of your pets, maintain their hygiene and finally groom them up to take out whenever you want. This might lead you to have a career in pet grooming and eventually join the pet industry. Your artistic skills might be a plus point for you in this profession along with professional training.

You might learn basic and advance techniques of dealing with cats and dogs through various training programs. Therefore, animal grooming schools in Maine undoubtedly are the best places to acquire complete training. Pet groomers do not have to earn a bachelor’s or any other higher degree because the required training is given through certificate and diplomas. You could have tremendous success in a shorter time span due to your unique style and services. For academic training, A+ Pet Grooming Academy and other online and campus based schools might assist you. The pets might be groomed by you under the supervision of highly trained professionals in just 400 hours. The focus is given on grooming supplies, pet salons and mobile grooming and you have to pass the five breed tests to gain your certificate. You might even go for online training as a lot of schools offer online training programs in pet grooming.

Maine had 840 pet groomers and pet technicians working in different centers and organizations in 2011 and you could be one of these professionals. They earned an average pay of $20,430 annually in the same year in Maine (BLS). Opportunities to work could exist in large pet stores, boarding facilities, pet training institutes and vet clinics. So you must not worry about getting a job if you are a resident of Maine. The state border with Atlantic Ocean and people like to enjoy the scenic beauty by walking along the shore and areas where they could take their pets along. Ultimately, you only have to get certification from the National Dog Grooming Association of America to be an animal groomer as there is no licensure requirement in Maine.

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