Pet Grooming Schools in Kentucky

If you have pets and you know how to take care of them then pursing an animal grooming career could benefit you in the long run. You could learn the techniques to groom up cats and dogs by attaining a professional course or degree. Animal grooming studies and training do not take years but only few months. It might not be hard for you to spend a couple of months in a school to actually learn how a dog or any other animal can be made presentable in front of others.

Nowadays every other person has pets and people look for animal groomers to make their pets look good after bathing, brushing and drying. At pet shops or animal shelters your services might be required so gain the training accordingly. The employment opportunities might never be less if you have any doubt in your mind about the field. You need to know that there were 2,380 animal groomers who were serving at various places in Kentucky in 2011. Your skills might help earn median income of $27,000 on yearly basis, as of 2012. (

The academic journey might begin when you would be able to find the right animal grooming school as there are many in Kentucky. The Nash Academy offers different programs understanding the need to keep pets hygienic and groomed. The academy has online, onsite and online-onsite programs that might allow you to select one out of them. The famous programs include dog bathing, grooming and styling program, cat bathing, grooming and styling program and horse care and grooming certificate program. In these programs you have to complete 600 hours of practicum which could include dog, cat and horse bathing, brushing and drying. These programs take around 15 weeks and train you to work in any professional environment.

The state of Kentucky might have tremendous pet grooming opportunities for you as pet service centers are found at every nook and corner of the state.

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