Pet Grooming Schools in Kansas

Located in the Midwestern United States, Kansas has a large native population of Native American tribe. The tribe is known as ‘people of the south wind’ and has been living for more than a century now in the state of Kansas. If you want to settle down in Kansas then you have to know about the employment opportunities in the state which not only helps you to earn good but you might also enjoy meeting new people every day.

Among all the popular careers if you have chosen animal grooming then it clearly shows your love for the pets. Dealing with animals or pets requires compassion and determination because you have to work on them on daily basis. As an animal groomer you have to brush and clip pets, clean and bath them, schedule appointments with clients, discuss pets’ needs with owners and keep a record of pet disposition. Such skills require professional training and schooling which is only possible if you manage to find animal grooming schools in Kansas.

Basics and Beyond Hands-On Correspondence Grooming School offers a Basic and Beyond Groomers Career Training Course. It consists of 9 lessons and a written examination which provides you with Certificate of Graduation. You might also get admission in Ashworth College that is offering online Veterinary Assisting Diploma to students interested in joining the field of animal grooming. In that way you would not have to leave the house and learn all the basics of handling animals and cleaning them.

Animal Clinic of Kendallwood and Doggie Den are some of the centers that provide animal grooming services and are best for employment. In the state of Kansas, 1,560 animal caretakers worked in 2011 after gaining professional training ( You could perform similar duties if you only gain required education and training to groom pets. Your experience in animal grooming could allow you to earn a median pay of $27,000 on annual basis in Kansas, as of 2012 (

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