Animal Grooming Schools in Iowa

Animal grooming involves providing cosmetic and hygiene services to animals and taking care of their appearance. Animal groomers bathe, trim, clip and groom animals, usually house pets. These services ensure that an animal is clean, healthy and free from any potential diseases or infections. People in this occupation have to be good at working with animals and handling them. This also means they should have a great deal of patience when working with pets and have a good rapport with them. Trust is a two way street.

For those who are interested in a career in this field, they can enroll in animal grooming programs where they can study subjects like nutrition, animal science, animal nursing, animal handling, animal anatomy and dog grooming courses for beginners. Generally programs may also offer practical courses and placement for students to get the valuable opportunity to work with animals and observe their care. Animal grooming graduates acquire some essential skills through these programs like understanding of animal behavior, grooming skills, basic understanding of pet first aid, client relations, communication skills and so on.

There continues to be a high demand for animal groomers, pet health technicians, animal laboratory attendants and animal care workers. This can be confirmed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that predicts an increase in employment of animal groomers by 23% during this decade. Graduates from Animal Grooming programs can seek employment in various industries and settings like in pet shops, kennels, zoos, animal shelters, veterinary clinics or grooming salons. They can also start their own business with experience and small business management skills which they can acquire through courses.

According to, the average annual salary of an animal groomer in Iowa is $27,000. If you start your own business then the chances of enjoying greater returns may increase at the cost of hard-work.

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