Animal Grooming Schools in Illinois

Animal grooming involves working with animals and ensuring care for their appearance. This is more commonly performed on domestics pets like dogs or cats, for example giving them a bath or trimming and cutting their nails. Animal grooming is for people who enjoy taking care of animals and want to build their career around working with them. Education in animal grooming is perfect for animal lovers who are interested in pursuing a career in this field.

Look for accredited animal grooming schools that offer training and academic learning on animal grooming in Illinois. Programs can give hands-on training and skills required to be a successful animal groomer. Generally the courses that are offered in animal grooming programs are focused on ethics, client relations, animal handling and behavior, feeding animals, first aid, grooming equipment, disease and infection and so on. Students may be given the opportunities to specialize in those courses that greatly interest them.With the help of these courses, a student will be ready to enter the industry after learning the basics and advanced concepts of animal grooming.

Graduates from animal grooming can choose to work in veterinary clinics, pet stores or pet grooming centers where they can also get on-the-job training. They can also choose to be self-employed and be their own boss – this is a path that requires motivation and dedication at every step of the way. Some of the career paths students can choose are Pet Groomer, Animal Attendant, Animal Hair Stylist, Animal Care Worker or Kennel Attendant, among many others.

In Illinois, the average annual salary for animal groomers and pet technicians is $33,000 ( Depending on the number of years of experience, there are opportunities to advance to management and senior positions in the animal grooming profession that may result in greater earnings.

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